Friday, May 19, 2017


From today's dive.
Yup those would be big Fiji Bull Sharks - and in two months' time we may well be seeing double that!



Monday, May 15, 2017

Shark VFX - Awesome!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Real Shark Conservation!


I say, bikini bimbettes, eat your little hearts out!
Forget this archaic shit: like the ever prescient JSD longingly fancied years ago, THIS is how you do it = if it ain't nekkid it ain't conservation, and getting swept along for a ride only increases the effectiveness of the myth-busting!
And, to 55 feet no less -  check out the pic!

Eagerly awaiting the riposte from SA!

PS - priceless!
Michelle Jewell Fukushima radiation melted her swimwear - WAKE UP SHEEPLE

El Monstruo at Kingman Reef!

One of my very favorite Sharks, so there.
And did I say that Kingman is as remote as it gets?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another one?

To me this looks, at best, like a weak Cat 1 - but better to be safe than sorry! Source.


Looks like after Donna we now got ourselves Ella!
This one will affect Fiji, albeit not in a dramatic way and likely only the North and the East and not so much us - but still, what a bloody pain in the ass!

You know what to do!

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Shark Porn from Florida!

Well well.

Story here.
Would that be a bait crate in the background? Would that be in Fla State waters = would they be feeding illegally? And who's the fucking genius operator who built that flimsy "Shark cage" (!) and enabled that shit?
Questions questions!

Anyway, enjoy!

PS - So, it turns out that it was a fake, see the comments section; but lo, it gets even better, to wit Kevin Harris the voyeuristic parasite vs Chris Hartzell the pompous bloviating fireman right here - and in case you should have wondered, I'm 100% with Paul Friese!

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Bloody Cyclone?

Source - click on the link and check out the forecast line at the bottom!

Oh for crying out loud - look at the above!

A bloody cyclone in May?
Anyway, it is what it is and for now, it looks like we will not be directly affected but will have to eat plenty of rain and wind - not nice!

You know what to do!

PS - and here it is, named Donna. Poor Vanuatu!

This is the real thing on Sunday, May 7 - source.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Australia: Reef Shark mediated Trophic Cascade?

Competitors: Grey Reefies and Snappers. Source.

Well well.

Read this.
If I understand it correctly, it shows that several species of mesopredatory Snappers were doing great on reefs where (higher-ranking but equally mesopredatory) Reef Sharks were rare; but on reefs were Reef Sharks were abundant, the Sharks appear to have out-competed, or otherwise influenced the Snappers who had to shift their diet to less nutritious benthic invertebrates and were doing very poorly indeed as a consequence - synopsis here.
The conclusion being that
our findings suggest that overfishing of sharks has the potential to trigger trophic cascades on coral reefs and that further declines in shark populations globally should be prevented to protect ecosystem health.
Yes to the possibility of top-down effects - but if the Snappers' fitness was being adversely affected by the presence of Sharks, who, exactly, did benefit from it? Obviously not the Snappers - but also not the prey Fishes and Cephalopods that were still being killed; and also not the benthic invertebrates that were being killed on top of that.
So where is the evidence that Sharks help preserve ecosystem health = instead, is this not rather the negation of Healthy Reefs need Sharks?

Or am I missing something here?

PS: great comment by Michael in the comments section - thanks!